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Mobile SEO


Mobile SEO

The year 2015 has proved to be a time of digital growth in UAE and across the world. According to a research of the total 9.58 million people, around 8.81 million are active Internet users. More and more people across the UAE are hopping on the smartphone, with 50% of the Internet users browsing with the help of their mobile devices.

In DRUM BEAT we firmly believe that in couple of years it will be essential for all the websites to be present in Mobile searches. Mobile optimization is the practice of developing content specific to a mobile device that ensures a positive user experience across mobile devices. This is done through mobile strategy, development and design that consider user trends, readability, functionality, aesthetics, loading time and an intuitive navigation. Speed is a critical element, as 40% of users abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. That’s the reason it is also important to optimize mobile speed as part of the optimization process.

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